Solbakken's first labradoodle, "Northbound Come What May"

Solbakken is a new kennel here in Norway, just opened in July 2019.  We are WALA registered and will practice and breed according to WALA rules and regulations, and will abide by the WALA code og ethics at a minimum.

Our main perspective in breeding ALs is temperament, temperament, and temperament. Good bloodlines, with good health and minimal disease is very important, and all our dogs will be extensively tested before breeding. Coat type and color comes last, but not least. Their hallmark curly, soft wool/fleece, allergy-friendly coat is such a blessing for those people and families that have allergies, but so desire to have a pet.

This beautiful little chocolate girl will be ready for breeding around October of 2020. She is a medium size with a straighter fleece coat, and top notch bloodlines. We call her Penny.


Penny Lane

Maisie and Walter, Penny Lane's parents