Irene & Jan


"We" are Irene and Jan, a middle-aged couple living in the Norwegian countryside and getting ready to retire soon.

Irene is a midwife, with a focus on natural- and home- birth. Jan is a skipper, transporting children from daycare centers out to a beautiful island, "Bragdøya" in Kristiansand, which is open to the public for nature adventures.

We have both had several dogs throughout our lives, but Penny is our first labradoodle. Irene is the "drive" behind the breeding process, with plenty of help from Jan, and some "socialization help" from our cat Synne.

We are both "nature people", we love trail- hiking and running, along with biking. We enjoy boating and swimming, and just about anything "nature-inspired". Irene is creative, and enjoys painting, knitting and sewing, while Jan enjoys woodworking and is a man of many skills.



This is the boss in the house, Synne, the cat.

She is actually very sweet and loving. She was best friends with our previous neighbor's dog, so hopefully her and Penny will become best buds and have lots of fun together.

She is a great barn cat, without a barn, but always catching plenty of mice and always on the prowl outdoors.She is a real nature cat.