Northbound "Come What May", AKA Penny

Penny is a Pure AL, medium size

Born 07/05/2019

WALA reg. 00016256

Color/coat; Chocolate, bbEe/wavy fleece

Hips/elbows; OFA good/normal

Perfect bite and heart fine, she is CBP for : DM, EIC, PRa, Vwd, and IC

No BNC, Addisons, allergies, hernias or epilepsy in lines as far back as great grandparents

eye exams not yet done

Penny has a nice, stocky build. She is a good natured, inquisitive little girl with a calm and laid back nature. She is just as happy at home as she is in the car or at the office with mom. She is quick to learn, but likes to show her independence at times also.

We plan to mate Penny next year, around this time, and are in the process of finding the perfect mate for her first litter. Health and temperament are of outmost importance, but we are also hoping for some good color variation first time around. Penny can be paired with all sizes, but we are planning on concentrating on medium and small sized ALs.

Once we have chosen a stud, we will update the page and inform our potensial customers of possible colors and size. We look forward to hearing from you and will answer any/all questions to the best of our knowledge.