If you are interessted in a puppy from Solbakken Australian Labradoodles please read the following information and send us an application according to the questions on the questionnaire page

Thank you so much for your interest in our puppies. Currently we do not have puppies as we are just getting started, but we plan and hope to have puppies around Nov. - Dec. of 2020.

This may seem like a long time, but actually, there are many things to arrange and put in place prior to getting a puppy. Here at Solbakken we wish to know as much as possible about our perspective "adoptive parents" so we can find the best dog for you and your family. 

All dogs, like people, are individuals, with different personalities, and it is important to us that you get the right dog. We would not be doing a good job if we were to pair you with a lazy, laid back dog if you enjoy hiking and running on a regular basis. What if we paired you with a timid dog that prefers a quiet life if you are a large, lively family with people constantly coming and going. Well, I'm sure you get the idea of what I am trying to say.

In addition to this is the fact that there is little guarantee as to sex and color of a litter. When we have a decision as to the stud we will mate Penny with then we will know a little more about color. Yes, you may absolutely make requests as far as sex and/or color, but in the end, we will pair you with the best fit for both you and the dog, even if this means you do not get your first choice in sex/color. In order to make this decision and find the best match, we need a lot of information about you and your family, and it requires that you are as honest as possible.

Once you are accepted as a potential adoptive parent for one of our puppies you will be notified and a 3000 kr. non-refundable deposit will be required in order for you to be on the waiting list. Please note that you are not to pay the deposit before you have been offered a spot on the waiting list. This deposit will eventually be deducted from the total purchase price.

If we are not able to offer you a puppy within 18 months of the first litter you are on the waiting list for, then we will refund your deposit, unless you wish to remain on the waiting list. If, however you have been offered a puppy more than twice within the 18 months and you have declined all offers, your deposit will not be refunded, but you may remain on the waiting list if you wish.

If you have any questions/concerns, please use our contact site to write to us.